Presentatie over gebruik van speciale stiffeners in het theater

Door Nina Pawlowsky,  Costume designer en president of the Spanisch Milliner's Association.


My passion for costumes guided me towards millinery. Hats were a mistery to me, so I tried to get the knowledge about making them, which was then, but also still now, a very difficult question. But nowadays I teach millinery in Barcelona. I have been in an internship of 2 months each with Stephen Jones (London) in 1990 and with Lola Ehrlich (New York) in 1993. Since 2005 every Spring me and my colleague Cristina de Prada organize the Barcelona Hatstroll. In 2013 I got the Master Degree in Millinery. 


As I make hats mostly for the stage, for theater plays or dance, sometimes I have to make a different approach to millinery, because hats will be used over and over again. They have to be sturdy, sit well and last.

But the question arosed lately for a dance performance. I had to make about 12-15 big black felt hats as stiff as stone. I don’t like to use chemical stiffener, so I had to figure out which concentration my usual felt stiffener, gum arabicum, had to be. I have to say that it was quite a nightmare, but finally I got the recipe.

And this is the process that I will show you in this workshop. But I think you should also learn about gelatine and shellack, so I prepared the process of all three.



De kosten voor deze workshop bedragen € 20,-.



De workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven.


Aantal deelnemers:

Aan de workshop kunnen maximaal 15 personen deelnemen