Workshop using Crinoline as a base for hats 

Door Denise Innes-Spencer, Founder en creative director of The Britisch School of Millinery, Author of 'Tiara Headdresses and writer at large of The Hat Magazine,


Denise has worked for top bridalwear designers Suzanne Neville, Tracy Connup, Jayne Boulton and Ben De Lisi. Denise is a Dexterity skills tutor for the Brain Charity Liverpool and a regular visiting lecturer for Liverpool John Moores University. Denise is well equipped to take you through the intricate ways of making delicate beautiful designs with this versatile fabric. Denise is generous with her knowledge and encourages open discussion in the class. You will receive handouts and photos of the examples, details of suppliers and other options, and an unparalleled experience.


Using crinoline as a basis for hats is not normally thought of - Until now…

With the use of crinoline as your base for a hat, Denise will teach you how to wire and seal the ends of the crinoline lengths to create a neat clean finish. She will show you how to use these techniques for a variety of hats and trims. Denise demonstrates how to use the heat tools and will refer to various examples of hats and headdresses as she progresses to decorations and trims.


Zelf meenemen:

  • Scissors,
  • Tape measure,
  • Needles (Millinery 6-9 or 5-10),
  • A Bandeau block (it’s not the top of the block you will use) (see picture shown),
  • Breathable mask with a filter (You cannot participate without your own mask),
  • Pliers/wire cutters,
  • All the heat tools and cleaning tools will be supplied for you to use.


Niveau workshop:

Voor deze workshop is het handig om ervaring te hebben met het gebruik van staaldraad.



De kosten voor deze workshop bedragen € 85,-. 



De workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven.


Aantal deelnemers:

Aan de workshop kunnen maximaal 10 personen deelnemen